Author Floco Tausin

Author Floco Tausin

My name is Floco Tausin. I'm an author and a graduate of the Faculty of Humanities at the University of Bern, Switzerland. For many years, I have devoted myself to the exploration of consciousness and exceptional states of consciousness through thinking, feeling, and my own experiencing. The acquaintance with Nestor, a seer living in the Emmental region in Switzerland, led me to a holistic study of so-called eye floaters or mouches volantes.


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Mouches Volantes

Eye Floaters as Shining Structure of Consciousness

The cover of the book: Mouches Volantes - Eye Floaters as Shining Structure of Consciousness.

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Articles by Floco Tausin

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Art. 19: Luminous Essence – Floater Structures in the Ancient Mesoamerican Art

Art. 18: Of Sun Disks, World Portals and Medicine Wheels – Floater Structures in the Ancient North American Art

Art. 17: Yin and Yang, Bi and Cong – Floater Structures in Ancient China

Art. 16: The Shining Sphere at the End of the Tunnel – Eye Floaters and Near-Death Experiences

Art. 15: Shamash, Ishtar and Igigi – Floater structures in ancient Mesopotamia

Art. 14: Floaters and the I Ching – Floater structures in the Book of Change (I Ching)

Art. 13: Lights from the Other World - Floater structures in the visual arts of modern and present-day shamans

Art. 12: In the Eye of Ra – Floater Structures in the Visual Arts of Ancient Egypt

Art. 11: Vitreous opacity vs. nervous system - Do eye floaters arise from the visual nervous system?

Art. 10: In-depth observations on eye floaters – A challenge to ophthalmology

Art. 9: Hair standing on end - Prickle feelings in spirituality and holistic medicine

Art. 8: The Eye Floater Phenomenon - Between Science and Religion

Art. 7: Entoptic phenomena - an universal trance phenomena

Art. 6: Eye Floaters - Floating spheres and strings in a seer’s view

Art. 5: Cocoons and fibers - Eye floaters as a source of inspiration for Carlos Castaneda?

Art. 4: Medicine and Religion - The spiritual dimension of the migraine aura

Art. 3: Open Eye Meditation - the visual way to the development of the inner sense

Art. 2: Awakening the Inner Sense - Some methods and meditation objects

Art. 1: Mouches volantes – Open Eye Meditation (Workshop)